DevLog "Rocket" #2

DevLog "Rocket" #2

It has been a while since we posted an update on Rocket, but development has been kicked into a higher gear and we have a lot of great news to share. So gather around the fire, stay awhile and listen.

The most important thing is that we no longer are just a happy family of two, but of three. Markus Nocon, a very talented game developer and programmer from Wiesbaden, joined our effort to create Rocket. Over the last couple of months, Markus has become a friend and collaborating with him has been a blast so far. Markus is as passionate about working on video games as Felix and I are, has an amazing work ethic and loves puns. After finishing his puzzling game The Illusory Wall, which will be released soon, he joined our venture. At the moment he is re-working and expanding the algorithm that creates our procedural world and player interaction. He is working on the project full time right now, which will change back to half time in a month or so. But that is fine since he gets things done twice as fast as a normal human being, as far as I can see. There will be more details on Markus in the About Us section of our website soon and of course we will celebrate the release of The Illusory Wall.

Back to Rocket, Felix wants to share some words on his work:

Hey guys, I hope this finds you well.

In the past few months I have been busy working on the conceptual design of the peoples you will be able to meet in the game. Alain and I had been tossing ideas back and forth and settled on three major factions that inhabit the planet the game is taking place on. They are very different from each other. This will have a direct impact on what it will be like to meet members of those factions and interact with them.

Concept art for the Tribes, the Garrison and the Arrived

The Tribes are a loose coalition of several smaller groups of shipwrecked travelers who have made their homes on this planet they're unable to leave. Even though they themselves, or their parents, used to be space faring travelers, they are now closer to a savage band of hunters and gatherers. Surviving the harsh environment has taken such a high toll, that any attempts of escape had been impossible.

The Garrison is a large army that was on it’s way to a conflict when their fleet crashed on this planet. Their most important goal is to leave as soon as possible and rejoin the war effort of their countrymen. They have very little patience for the squabbles of their neighbors and put little value in the lives of anything standing in their way.

The Arrived are a peculiar bunch. They feel at home on this planet everyone else perceives as a death trap. They worship this place as their own personal Eden. Having no reason to feel threatened in their paradise, they trade and communicate with the other two factions and anyone else they come across.

The design of each of these three groups carries part of their mentality in it. It will be a helpful tool for identifying strangers the player comes across.

Besides working on the design of the factions, I have been considering many different styles which could suit the feel of our venture. As of yet, I am very satisfied with a hybrid of line art reminiscent of Jean Giraud, or more commonly known as Moebius, and a style of digital painting, which is aimed to be a counterpart to the strict lines. Even though my position towards this might change over time, it is a very good point to start from.

That’ll will be all from me for today. I hope you’ll have a pleasant day.



I would also like to share some of the models I worked on. As you might already know, we decided to have Felix create artwork that shows our world and its inhabitants “like they really are”. Our ingame graphics are miniatures of this reality, so as the person making the 3D assets, I always have to interpret Felix’s concepts. This is a lot of fun but also a challenge. But it has worked out great for us so far because Felix can let his imagination run wild without having to think about whether a certain spaceship can be designed by me in 3D only using popsicle sticks.

Thanks for your interest in Rocket and stay tuned!

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