About Us

Alain and Felix have known each other since the time they went to a small town school in Germany. They are close friends and collaborate mainly on personal projects. At the moment they are intensely  working on a video game called "Rocket" together.


Alain Brunotte

Alain started experimenting with various painting-, design-, and 3D modelling and modding tools when he went to middle school and has never stopped since.  While studying film and game studies at Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz he worked on music videos, corporate and advertising films professionally as a freelancer with a focus on post production. As a 3D designer for video game and modding projects he collaborated with various artists including Felix.  After graduating with a diploma in "Media Dramaturgy" he focussed on 3D and game design using Unity and Unreal Engine.

Work samples

Felix Tisch

Felix  started to draw in his teenage years and devoted himself to digital drawing soon. After school he studied fine arts  at HfG Offenbach, a reknown arts and design university. He extensively studied human anatomy and  experimented with many traditional art forms before dedicating most of his efforts to digital painting. He developed a distinctive personal style and a strong interest in video game related art.  He does commisioned work as an illustrator and designer and now focusses on concept art. Lately he has been utilising 3D modelling to enhance his paintings.

Work samples